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Iroquois Industries

Founded in 1964, Iroquois Industries Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Warren, Michigan. Over the past half century, Iroquois has evolved into a world-class automotive supplier and currently operates with a skilled workforce of over 850 employees. Spanning 1,000,000+ square feet, in nine facilities, Iroquois Industries Inc. is a multidisciplinary company with the capability to design, validate, prototype, and manufacture fully functional metal components and welded assemblies across four commodities: General Stampings, Chassis, Powertrain, and Suspension. Iroquois Industries has an extensive history of meeting OEM cost reduction targets utilizing innovative designs, process solutions, and in-house tooling.

In the early 70’s, Iroquois pioneered the first mass-produced disc brake shoe stampings. While the 80’s brought them to the forefront of developing the use of ultra high-strength steels for stampings and welded assemblies such as door impact beams, control arms, crossmembers, and engine cradles. Today, Iroquois Industries continues to be a leader in the use of Domex, Martinsite, and Dual Phase materials.